Resume for David Griffiths

David is an accomplished multidisciplinary international Executive with an in-depth knowledge of Asia Pacific markets.

David has worked in business development in the Asia Pacific region for more than 40 years. He began his career in the UK before moving to Germany in 1980. As a result of David’s work with several well-known multinational companies, leading their business development strategy in Asia and Oceania, David has built an extensive network of strong business contacts in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Pakistan, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

David has particular expertise in the technology, manufacturing and education sectors and a strong track record of initiating start-up opportunities in competitive technology markets through dynamism, creativity and competent application of motivational skills to overcome challenges and drive business forward.

While living and working in The Philippines, David was the General Manager of a software company developing and selling advanced 4G software, successfully carrying out business development in Asian markets, including notable success in the competitive market of Japan as well as in France in Europe.

From The Philippines David returned to work for Philips, based in Nuremberg, Germany where he was the Director of Sales for the Asia Pacific region. In less than 10 years, David led a team to successfully establish the highly profitable telecommunications business of Philips in Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines and Thailand. During this period David set up a Telecommunications Competence Centre in Singapore to support the company’s business development in Asia Pacific.

From Germany, David moved to Singapore in 1998, where he held various senior international business development positions with FTSE500 companies.

David has Permanent Resident status in Singapore and with almost 20 years of living on the Island, David has a well-established network of contacts within the tight-knit Singaporean business community.

David was Chairman of the Singapore chapter of the UK based Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) for two years from September 2013, and is closely connected with senior stakeholders within both the American and British Chamber of Commerce as well as the Economic Development Board of Singapore.

David has a firm understanding of the particular business development skills that are necessary for doing business in Asia Pacific. David’s skillset is based on cultural sensitivity and his success is a result of his ability to adapt to the nuanced and sometimes quirky conventions needed to successfully do business in Asia Pacific. David has amassed a wide range of International experience developing new markets for new products. He has an excellent track record of converting contacts into sales and is well regarded amongst his customer and contact base.


Resume for Nancy Griffiths

Nancy is a dynamic, creative and accomplished multi-lingual professional with experience in an international, multi-cultural business and educational environment. Nancy holds a degree in BA Psychology, Counselling and a Cambridge English Teaching Qualification- CELTA.

Coming from the Philippines with its unique historical background Nancy received an American education as a teenager (AFS Scholar in New York), worked in the financial and banking industry, moved to Germany as an adult; married a Briton, and then relocated to Singapore while maintaining a home in Germany. All this makes Nancy a perfect specimen of a modern-day, global citizen. With her rich experiences traversing between countries, cultures and languages, Nancy has gained profound insight and understanding of the difficulties and challenges people go through when embarking on new ventures in a new and foreign environment.

With more than 25 years of professional experience, much of it in business development, communications and multi-cultural human resource management, she offers her expertise with compassion.  She has also provided training and management consulting for many clients in Germany and within the Asia Pacific region.

Nancy specialises in the areas of cross-cultural awareness in the context of business development, human resource and change management and effective communication. An entrepreneur and self-driven leader with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, Nancy collaborates effectively with all levels of professionals in a variety of sectors and countries. She has a strong focus and interest in social growth and the psychological aspects of business development. Passion and empathy are her fundamental values as she teams up with her clients and students.

Nancy has particular expertise in providing bespoke business development and communications training to clients to support their wider business objectives.

Nancy has Permanent Residence status in Singapore.